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Peaks and Valleys-Fernie/Crawford Bay/Kelowna/Armstong

The beautiful Betsy Ann, Suzanne and Maureen The beautiful Betsy Ann, Suzanne and Maureen

Greetings and salutations from the "too gorgeous too be real" Gabriola! We feel like we're dreaming, but then everyday of this job kind of feels that way. Lucky ducks. Let's get up to speed since the blogging has fallen far behind. We shall take you back to July 23rd, 2014 and carry on from there.

Fernie, BC- (Wednesday Social) July 23rd


-Got a bunch of love and cuddles from the beautiful Ger Rocca. Basically our biggest Fernie fan!

-We had a nice turn out for the Fernie Arts Station's annual Wednesday night concert series, there were a lot of cute dancing babies who pretty much stole the show. Babies and dogs, total attention suckers.

-We had our drinks comped, anyone who know us gets how dangerous that can be!


-A superstorm erupted minutes after we finished our last song, this sent everyone scrambling with sound equipment to the eaves of the Arts Station. It was sudden and violent...kind of like a Pratt sneeze. Funny/witchy thing, we seemed to have summoned the storm with our song 'Rain on Me'. Kind of creepy. This subject has been broached before on Jodie Ponto's photo blog.

Crawford Bay-July 24th


-Spending more time with Betsy Ann, the lovely sister of Oats and Notes mastermind, Brian Schultz. The Schultz family has had our backs ever since we played their lovely festival as far as lodging, food, and love. We couldn't be happier to be honourary members.

-Meeting all of Brian and Betsy Ann's wonderful pals who came out on a rainy day to support us. Thanks for the morning massage Maureen!

-never ending Vitamin T (tequila) at our beck and call.

-Fun Crawford Bay fact: The North Woven Broom Company located in Crawford Bay, "produced a total of 300 full sized brooms and 500 miniature sized brooms for the marketing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows." in partnership with Raincoast Books. It's a lovely and spooky place.


 -Pratt's vocal chords were still shitty. She thought an ear/nose/throat doctor or medicine woman would have to be arranged.

Kelowna-July 28th


-Kelowna was toasty as usual but we got plenty of lake time hanging out at our fave Westbank haunt, the beach lot.

-Ryan, the owner of  The Grateful Fed introduced us to the 'Peachy Pirate', a shot which consists of Captain Morgan's and Peach Schnapps. Creating headaches one ounce at a time.

-Pratt's voice made a triumphant return so naturally she stayed up until 5 am with her cousin Trent. 


-Northern girls don't really know how to handle the southern heat, especially girls as pale as Lindsay Pratt. Shore's lovely dark skin can handle a little more heat but still, c'mon Kelowna! We perservered somehow.

Armstrong-July 30th


-Armstong holds a special place in Lindsay's heart as it is where her papa was born. Some of her best family vacation memories come from visiting the now defunct Armstrong cheese factory. Mmmm...cheese.

-Heidi and Gaz, the owners of The Wild Oak Cafe and Community Market, are avid music supporters and we always feel appreciated when we play their gorgeous venue.

-There were multiple cute babies who (you guessed it) stole the show. Although this may seem like a valley it's quite the opposite. You have to start kids young when it comes to music appreciation!


 -Sorry to sound like a broken and scratched record but GODDANG, the Okanagan is SO BLOODY HOT! Thankfully the gorgeous and talented Heidi Jordan thought ahead and created some special mocha ice bars just for the occasion. She understands Northerners.


That's all for now Peaks friends and family! Check out the site in the next few days when we will regale you with tales of our adventures in Wells, BC! It's going to be a doozy!


Twin Peaks, 

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