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Wednesday, 08 October 2014 23:09

Rock Your Campus with CBC

Yes please! Yes please!

Hey band buddies!

Guess what? Guess what Twin Peaks is doing? Another CBC contest? No....yeah, you're right!

This time around it's Rock Your Campus, a contest geared towards student artists attending university and college across our great nation!

As some of you close to the ladies know Lindsay has been studying social work for the last few years and her passion for learning is right on par with writing and playing music. The duo has similar goals of using music in a therapeutic and community building way in the future. 

If we win the 10 G's of cold hard TD* Canada cash we will use it to travel to furthest reaches of Canada to share our songs and stories.You can vote for us here if you feel like it, we would really appreciate it. Many thanks. Look how polite we can be when we want something.

Tomorrow we are recording a live video of our submitted song 'Hold On' to share with the CBC community and you! Stay tuned for that!


Twin Peaks

Regular students, regular student problems.

*Sign up now for a student everyday chequing account and get $50! We are not getting paid to say this.